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Stripes and barricades are essential

Parking lots are the most frequented places in the metropolitan cities, and therefore it is essential that the parking lots are maintained and kept well, which can include parking lot striping and painting on the barricades. Make sure that the space is allocated for the cars in the appropriate manner. In the process, parking lot striping and barricades within the parking lots assume importance. Ensure that these essential components in the parking lot are maintained at the highest level of quality. Painting the barricades and the stripes are part of the maintenance program for any parking lot manager. The barricades are essential to differentiate the boundary marks of the parking lot from the slots that have enough space for movement.

Barricades are also necessary to manage vehicular traffic within the parking lot. At times, there could be mad rush for space during peak hours. In such situation, the barricades will help manage the traffic. Make sure that the barricade painting is different from that of the stripes. Normally, the barricades are painted in yellow or green to differentiate it from the stripes. Besides, the barricades are mobile and need to painted in separate colours. The stripes on the other hand are permanent fixtures of a parking lot. Therefore, make sure that the colors of paints of barricade and the stripes are different.