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Start your own parking lot painting business today

Parking lot painting is a job that is very closely related to parking lot striping, and in fact many of the providers who offer one type of service would undoubtedly offer the other service as well. It is a simple straightforward business, and not much preparation is required beforehand. You simply acquire the right paint, some stencils, and you are on your way to your own successful foray into the parking lot painting business.

While parking lot striping focuses mainly on the painting or repainting of the parking lines, parking lot painting itself is any other painting activity that goes on in the parking lot. These would include curb markings such as no parking zones or designated parking notifications, road painting for wheelchair designations, and in general any other notification that would be required for a parking lot.

The type of paint that one uses in parking lot painting is a very critical issue. Many companies in fact insist that only the county or state-approved paint should be used in their parking lots. Such a demand is not an unreasonable one however, since the county approved paints are usually the best ones. These are supposed to last longer and provide a better finished result in general.