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Today in Arcadia Ca. Trueline was hired to get a parking lot in shape. because of the economy the customer had a smaller than usual budget and needed recommendations on what we though he needed to get done the most. It was a small project about 10,000 square feet and the asphalt was pretty rough. We knew his budget was too tight for any heavy repairs to the asphalt so we recommended two coats of seal. The sealcoating helped soothe out some of the rough spots and gave the parking lot the badly needed protection from the elements, water run off, traffic etc. If Asphalt is left unsealed for too long then the asphalt becomes brittle and susceptible to cracking and breaking. After we sealed the parking lot we re-striped the lines and made some basic ADA upgrades. We installed some new signs and wheel stops and repainted all the stencils such as arrows, compacts and handicap stalls. The job turned out great and the customer was very happy. If you have a parking lot repair project coming up soon please feel free to give us call today. we specialize in parking lot sealcoating, striping and basic asphalt repairs.