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Saving Money with Holiday Parking Lot Striping

Should you get your parking lot striping done during the holiday season? This is a tricky question. Many business owners do not want to get their striping done during the holiday season because they feel like they will lose a great deal of business if they choose to have it done during prime shopping time. Whoever, there are times when you can safely have your striping done and can actually save yourself money.

Winter is not always the prime season for parking lot striping, so you can often get a good deal on your striping, if you choose to have it done during the winter months. The trick is in knowing when you will have the most business and when you can schedule to have striping done, so that you won’t lose out on any money. For instance, most retail businesses get the most attention on the day after Thanksgiving, titled Black Friday, so a retail business will not want to get their striping done then. They can, however, get their striping done a few days before Thanksgiving, when the shopping traffic will be much less than it usually is.