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Shotblasting and Sandblasting


Shotblasting is a service we offer to remove existing striping and to prepare a concrete surface for painting.  Small metal beads chip away paint or etch a concrete surface with a self contained vacuum. This service is especially useful for warehouses, distribution facilities and parking garages.


Similarly, sandblasting is used to remove existing striping or painted curbs.  However, this process is more applicable to asphalt and outdoor parking lots.  Unlike shotblasting, sandblasting is not a self-contained removal process and requires more attention to clean-up and safety.  Despite these differences, shotblasting and sandblasting are both effective means to efficiently remove striping

Concrete Surface Preparation

This can be used for cleaning existing dirty concrete, Opening up concrete for paint or a sealer or removing adhesives etc. We also offer sweeping, brooming, polishing and other supporting services.

Safety in Surface Preparation

It should be noted that Trueline takes the utmost safety precautions when handling any project we take on. However, when working on a surface prep project extra precautions are taken to protect our employees and your customers. Sandblasting and shot-blasting concrete or asphalt has many dangers associated with the job so we work hard through employee training and management to ensure a high standard for you.

Surface Preparation Service Areas

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside (Inland Empire)
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • Ventura

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