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Rule of the traffic signal

All traffic requires the control of traffic signals. And all traffic signals must conform to the rules, regulations and standards of the state’s traffic manual.

The traffic sign installation cannot be done just like that. Proper investigation of the intersection is necessary. The location must be examined for the traffic pedestrians, automobile and also the frequency of the accidents. The investigation is done to ensure that it follows all the guidelines, and rules of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Each individual city and county is divided into districts and is usually managed by the City’s Transportation Engineers. The engineer will study the subject intersection to verify if the stop sign is warranted and then will the installation program start.

The traffic sign is one of the most valuable and effective ways to control the traffic, if used at the right places and in proper conditions. It will help the vehicle drivers and pedestrians to decide who will go first at the intersection. This avoids accidents and creates less chaos. However, the usage and location of the traffic sign is a vital issue. It should not be used as a speed control device, but rather a traffic management device.

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