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Regulate traffic with wheel stops

An installation of proper wheel stop is a key factor to regulate the traffic flow as it restrains hitting of objects. It acts as a safeguard for buildings and landscape areas. The proper installation of wheel stops, in front of a facility, helps in preventing car damage. These services are offered mainly by companies that deal specifically in parking lot maintenance. These companies offer the service of wheel stop installation on asphalt and concrete surfaces.

A wheel stoppage comes in various forms, such as concrete, hard plastic, or rubber. The rubber wheel-stop is commonly used because of its durability and can be installed temporarily or permanently. Furthermore, a rubber wheel also has high visibility. A wheel stop can also be installed in a range of styles that include blue stripes, white stripes and yellow stripes.

Among the chief characteristics of wheel-stop installation is also that it helps to meet up a least width of a sidewalk, thereby stopping vehicles to break the sidewalk area.

The companies offering wheel-stop services also supplies and installs concrete and recycled wheel stops. A major benefit of these stops is that it can be painted in any color of your choice and gives an appealing appearance to a parking lot.

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