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Questions and Answers: Warehouse Floor Striping

Q: Is there actually any good reasons to have warehouse floor striping put into my warehouse?

A: Absolutely! Warehouse floor striping is designed to help your staff to be more efficient and organized. It can help you if you’ve got machinery in the warehouse, as a solid line can be placed in the warehouse allowing the staff to know the path of the machinery, and it can help your staff to move around easily without bumping into each other or other objects.

Q: Can’t I just put in warehouse floor striping myself?

A: You could, but it wouldn’t last. People who try to save money by striping their floor themselves (usually by using spray paint), often find that their floor striping disappears fairly quickly, frustrating them and forcing them to spend even more money on striping their warehouse.

Q: Is warehouse floor striping expensive?

A: It doesn’t have to be. If you’ve chosen a company that has been doing striping for a very long time, they will be able to design the best possible scenario for you, therefore saving you money as well as frustration. You also have to remember that any work you get done by a professional will last, saving you money there as well.