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Proper Parking Lot Striping- Not To Be Ignored

Parking lot striping should be clear and easily visible to the drivers as well as pedestrians using the road. This is mainly because blurred and unclear parking lot striping generally creates a lot of problems for drivers using the lot. It is a driver’s nightmare to park in lots where striping and marking is not clearly visible or properly done. Therefore, it is important for facility owners to ensure that their parking lot striping is well marked and visible to drivers wishing to park their vehicles.

A well-marked parking area where parking lot striping is clear allows people to move freely in the parking lane without any problems or worries of parking wrongly or bumping into other parked vehicles. Apart from stripes, properly installed stop bars, loading-zone markings, and crosswalks make it safer and easier for people to walk around and park vehicles in the area.

There are a few conditions that contractors should keep in mind while designing and marking parking lots. Points that should be specially taken care of are that maximum space possible should be used, the lot should be marked in a manner that allows efficient traffic movements, separately designated parking areas should be created, and marked for customers, employees, visitors, and disabled people.