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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing with Water Reclamation:

Another service we offer includes Mobile pressure washing.  This service compliments striping for a couple of reasons.  First, pressure washing enables us to clean dirt and remove surface oil from a concrete surface before striping a parking area. This will create a cleaner surface and improve paint adhesion.  Second, this service has the ability to remove obsolete or unwanted striping.  Striping removal is essential when re-designing a parking area or adding disabled parking on concrete.  Furthermore, pressure washing can remove gum and dirt build-up in parking garages to help maintain a clean environment.

Water Reclamation:

Trueline Always offers Water reclamation. If you’re not sure what water reclamation is or if you need it the answer is simple. Water reclamation is the picking up and treating of any waste water on your project. When waste is cleaned off of your parking lot or parking structure it can travel through storm drains and gutters to eventually hit the street storm drains. Once here this byproduct pressure washing can cause a heavy impact on the local environment. In most cities these days water reclamation is the law.

Types of Services offered:


  • Parking Structure pressure washing
  • Concrete Pressure Washing and Stream Cleaning
  • Oil Spot treatment for asphalt and Concrete Parking stalls
  • Paint prep Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning
  • Curb Pressure washing and Painting
  • General Concrete Cleaning
  • Brick and Paving stone Pressure Washing
  • Gum Removal

Areas we offer our Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside California (Inland Empire)
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • Ventura

Mobil Steamcleaning Services Throughout Southern California :

Trueline offers mobile pressure washing service with an emphasis on safety, quality and competitive pricing. Just ask any of our happy customers such as the world famous South Coast Plaza who trusted Trueline with pressure washing two of their largest parking structures this year. With water reclamation in place Trueline removed the oil, dirt and mess that can build up over a year in side of a parking structure. The job is a classic example of the type of project we are highly competitive on. We can remove gum and treat bad stains making a huge difference in not only what you the owner / manager see’s but also what your customer notice.

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