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Pavement Markers

Raised Pavement Marker Installers

Trueline Striping has a wide variety of raised pavement markers ranging from square reflective markers to round ceramic markers. Raised pavement markers are the preferred method for lane division and hydrant marking. Raised pavement markers help achieve an organized traffic flow and warning for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Ask us how we can assist you with your next raised pavement marking project.

Industry Terms Relating to RPM’s

  • Bot Dots
  • RPM’s
  • Raised Pavement Markers
  • Hydrant Markers
  • Road Markers
  • Button Markers
  • One way reflectors
  • Two way Reflectors
  • Ceramic Markers

Marker Types Installed:

  • Raised Markers
  • Reflective Markers
  • Speed Berm Dots
  • Ceramic Markers
  • Hydrant Markers
  • Bots Dot

Areas we offer our Pavement Markers

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside California (Inland Empire)
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • Ventura

Rumble Strips For Speed Control:

Some home owner associations and retail centers often have the problem of cars speeding. They will call us looking for suggestions for slowing these types of drivers down. When a Asphalt speed berm or Speed Bump is not a viable option we suggest rumble strips. Rumble strips are basically a series of rows of ceramic markers glued down that when driven over quickly produce a loud noise for the person driving. When driven over slowly they are a lot less irritating then the traditional asphalt speed bump and you are far less likely to get any complaints of damage to cars or complaints of people tripping over them.

If you need Markers installed on your property, feel free to call and ask one of our estimators to assist you today.