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Parking Lot Stencils & Markings

Trueline uses Cal-Trans specified parking lot stencils on all projects to avoid “ghosting.”  Ghosting occurs when different striping contractors use two or three different stencils causing a shadowing effect. By utilizing Cal-Trans specified stencils, property managers and facility directors can be assured their parking lots will show uniformity.

To avoid “ghosting” we recommend blacking-out old parking lot stencils before repainting or sealing a parking lot.  This process will cause a job to achieve a more aesthetic appearance over a longer period of time. Also try to your striping contractor to use the same stencil thats already in use on your parking lot. Chances are if they are professional company they should have access to your stencils regardless if they are metric or standard by design.

Industry Terms Relating to Stencils:

We have offered industry terms relating to stencils, legends and marking so that people can become more aware of other terms used to describe them. The three main terms used to describe them are Stencils, Markings & Legends.

  • Parking Lot Stencils & Markings, Legends
  • Warehouse Stencils & Markings, Legends
  • Traffic Stencils & Markings, Legends
  • Custom Stencils & Markings, Legends
  • School Stencils & Markings, Legends
  • Safety Stencil & Markings, Legends
  • Plus many others

Here is a partial list of some of the parking lot stencils we offer:

  • Stop & Bar stencils (Many Sizes)
  • Arrow stencils (Many Sizes)
  • Compact, Visitor, Reserved, Motorcycle stencils Etc. (Many Sizes)
  • Custom Logos and Graphics
  • Numbering Stencils
  • Curb Stencils IE. Fire Lane No Parking Etc.
  • Handicap Stencils
  • Traffic Stencils
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom Designed Stencils
  • School Playground Stencils such as Map of USA , Hopscotch, and many others.
  • Plus many more

Stencils Size Choices:

  • 2″-4″-6″-8″ Parking Lot Stencils
  • 1′-2′-4′-6′- 8′ Parking Lot Stencils
  • Custom Sizes offered, but a cutting fee may apply.

Playground Striping Contractor:

For many years Trueline has been offering Playground Striping as one of its many services. And over the course of the last 15 years we have accumualted many of the required 100’s of different stencils used on many of our Southern California Schools. Trueline is completely capable of complying with the complex laws surrounding prevailing wage projects and understands the paperwork process for these types of jobs. If you have a school or college striping projects you need done feel free to give us a call today. Trueline understand all of the typical layouts regarding basketball, baseball, handball Etc.

  • Elementary School Striping
  • High School Striping
  • College Striping
  • Playground Striping
  • Sportscourt Striping


Custom Stencils and Designs:

Trueline has not only the ability to help you with your standard parking lot stencil projects but can also design, cut and spray almost anything that you can send to us in Email or print. If you have a an idea of somthing you want in your parking lot, parking structure, warehosue or wherevere give us call and we can discuss the project with you and provide you a price for it.

Areas Services For Parking Lot Stencil and Markings

  • Orange County
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside (Inland Empire)
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • Ventura

Call us today if you have any questions regarding a parking lot stenciling project.