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Parking lot striping – Watch the lines, follow them please

An indication of how much attention has been paid to detail will be visible from the parking lot of a building. If the parking lot striping has been done in a hap hazard manner, it would not create a good impression. Whereas, if we were to drive into a campus where everything is neat and clean and the parking lot has clear markings, it would give us the opinion that the interiors are bound to be better. Some buildings have tar coated flooring outside in the parking lot along with neat images or directions on where to go. There will be arrows indicating the direction to drive in, so you can navigate your way around and find yourself a parking spot.

When we see clear parking lot striping, it means that the company who did the job was a professional. The lines would all be even and absolutely straight. Each car will have just about enough space to pull in and park. In most places, it is parallel parking system that is followed to maximize space and not cause hindrance to other cars that drive through. These are all a sign of quality and dedication from the administration team.