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Parking lot striping – Visible from a distance for smooth entry

In a crowded street filled with shops, there will usually be one particular area reserved for parking. In fact, this concept is applicable in huge shopping malls and in cinema theaters as a way to handle the heavy inflow of traffic. The vehicles parked will have to follow the parking lot striping that has been carried out to allow for others also to park. The arduous task of painting the parking lots is done with accurate measurements that have been pre-approved. This is the only way to maintain harmony in the parking lot and allow each vehicle to have its space. If a vehicle is parked out of order, it will lead to chaos and the neighboring cars will have space issues while parking his car.

In case of parking lot striping, care should be taken to make sure that the marking is visible and if it seems to be fading away, another coat must be applied instantly. Some parking lots have double lines and numbers in them to let the vehicle owner know the location of where his car is parked. This can also be seen in large malls where there are symbols, names used to distinguish the parking area.