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Parking Lot Striping Tips

Parking lot striping is a booming business and there are hundreds of companies that have jumped into the parking lot painting bandwagon in the recent past. While painting parking lots involves no intricate knowledge of rocket science, the people you hire for painting your lot should still have their basics clear before they mark your lot. A good and properly marked parking lot is not just the result of using good quality paint and a neat hand, and depends majorly on how well the specifications for laying out a lot have been adhered to.

Apart from making sure that you hire people who know all the specific parking lot striping specifications, you should also acquaint yourself with lot striping basics so that you can check how well the paint job is coming up and ensure that it lasts long. While laying out parking stalls, make sure that the stalls are at least ten feet wide in order to keep cars parked side by side from nicking each other. Try to avoid striping on top of bad or loose asphalt patches, as the paint will not adhere to these areas well. The same applies to patches with a lot of oil spills.

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