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Parking Lot Striping-The Methodology

Technology has reached a level where designing parking lots has become a much simpler process than what it used to be before. It has become a much more scientific process to keep up with changing times.

The methodology that is followed for parking lot striping starts with providing the raw materials that is needed to execute the work. This includes contractor grade acrylic, striping paint. Next is the submitting of the manufacturer’s data sheets. Once you have the designs ready you need to start with applying the designs. It should be noted that the designs are applied when the atmospheric temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature should remain at this level for a minimum of four hours. The colors that are used for marking the stripes are white, yellow, blue or any other colors as selected by the authorities.

There are specialized equipments that would be needed to create the stripes. Some of them are commercial compressed air spray striping machine or a commercial airless spray striping machine. After examining and preparing the parking lot apply marking paint as per directions, apply the stripes according to the design specifications. Care should be taken to disallow traffic on the stripes before it is fully dried. The parking lot can be opened thereafter.

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