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Parking Lot Striping: Taken for Granted

We live in a world where we like to have instant gratification, and due to this we often miss the things that are standing right in front of us that make our lives much easier. One thing that many people take for granted is parking lot striping. Most of us have drive to a store, mall, or parking garage and have parked our car without ever wondering how people set up their parking lots, or why the spots are set in the position that they are set in.

Parking lot striping is not something that just anyone can do effectively, but is rather a kind of technical science. It takes someone with excellent math skills and training in design in order to make sure that the parking lot striping is done correctly. When you look at a striping lot, it is easy to miss how everything is set up to give people the most room possible; from the parking zones to the handicapped access points, everything is created to make the parking lot ebb and flow effortlessly, like the tide. The next time you park your car, take a look the parking lot striping: a thing of beauty.