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Parking Lot Striping-Stopping at the block

It is almost a nightmare for a driver to find parking at the parking lot in any facility. If the parking lot striping is not clear, it becomes a bigger problem. Most facility owners make it a point that the parking lot is properly marked and visible to drivers who are parking in the facility. A well marked parking area, makes it safer for people to park vehicles and move around in the parking area. Apart from the stripes the crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings make it easier and safer for people to park vehicles and walk around the area.

There are certain considerations that one should take care when a parking lot is being designed. The designer should take care that space is maximized, there is efficient traffic flow, there should be designated parking spaces for disabled persons, customers, employees and visitors and the parking space should follow the A.D.A. guidelines. Apart from this, the layout options should be optimized and the pavement contractor should use the highest quality material and the latest equipment. The contractor should ensure that the temperature during the striping should be 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and the traffic should be blocked for at least an hour after the striping is done.