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Parking lot striping – Slide into your spot, for best effects

After a long at the office, we look forward to heading home and possibly going out for a movie with our family or friends. The drive in theater is is a great choice for its type of relaxation. Since a drive in theater has multiple rows for cars to be parked, systematic parking lot striping can be seen here. This enables the cars to slide into their place and fit right in next to the speakers. If they do a little bit of miscalculation, they might drive straight into the speaker pole. When they are in their correct parking space, they also get a good view of the screen and amazing effects from the stereo systems placed next to the windows.

In parking lot striping, since the project is given to a government authorized company, they know what the colors to use are and how to paint. Some places might have double lines, while others will have single lines in yellow to differentiate the parking lots. If we were to observe the parking lots in office buildings, we would notice enough space allocated for the cars and between the rows for other cars to drive through.