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Parking Lot Striping San Bernardino

The beauty of San Bernardino is that so many places in the city are absolutely beautiful. Unlike many of the other cities in California, the city of San Bernardino takes pride in having a clean, well organized city. You can help the city to stay organized with the right parking lot striping. San Bernardino parking lots are often older parking lots, which already have striping done on them. You can choose to keep the same striping design, but a change in the design may actually net you more attention and happier customers.

For starters, look to see if your parking lot striping in San Bernardino is straight. Are the lines crooked? Are the spaces oddly shaped? All of these little things can make your parking lot look less attractive. Next, make sure that you are ADA approved, by adding in the correct ramps and truncated domes that will make it easy for a disabled person to get around. Finally, speak with your striper to see if there are any newer things that you can bring into your parking lot, such as lights that are not there now, or a crosswalk or two. All of these things can make your space look much more attractive.