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Parking Lot Striping: San Bernardino – Old Buildings, Old Parking Lots

San Bernardino is one of the oldest cities in California. The city has done an excellent job of making an effort to keep the older buildings in place, while still making room for newer buildings without having to deal with crowding. This, however, presents a unique problem to someone who has purchased an older building: how do you provide your customers with the type of parking they require without completely changing the landscape that your building and lot are currently on?

Your best bet is to deal with a company who has extensive experience with parking lot striping in San Bernardino. Parking lot striping in San Bernardino can be tricky, as you want to make sure that you give your customers the room they need to maneuver their vehicles, without having to demolish the old beauty that is already existing there. An experienced striper can make the parking lot look great while still giving your customers the room they need. They can also help to make an older parking lot meet and exceed ADA guidelines, so that even your disabled customers can have easy access to your store or business.