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Parking Lot Striping-Right Measurements Right Price

You have parked your car many times on the parking lot but never wondered on the science behind the stripes. We will try to give you some facts on that. First and foremost, we need to understand is that striping is not about drawing lines, but involves scientific calculations. The calculations revolve around giving optimum space to the cars and money to the parking lot owner.

The major considerations that we need to take care of are the areas to be striped, location of the drive lanes, specific colors to be used for the markings, handicapped areas and arrows. The minimum requirement for the stalls in a parking lot is 10 feet. If narrower stalls are used, it may result in difficulty for the car passengers to get down. The parking lot stripes should also ensure that there is a clear flow of traffic in and around the parking space.

These days, drawing parking lot stripes has become much easier than what it used to be some time ago. There is software available in the market which gives the designs to be created for the lot once the relevant data is fed. Parking lot striping has become a simpler job these days, it but involves specific skills.

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