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Parking Lot Striping Problems

Parking Lot Striping Problem Suggestions

This one came all the way from Georgia.  We received a e-mail from a frustrated project manager who was dealing with the issue of parking lot striping laid out incorrectly.  He was looking for a fair solution for dealing with the parking lot striping contractor who had made the error.

His letter went something like this:

“Dear James     –

I would appreciate your advice on how to remove some new striping that was put in the wrong place and subsequently, ‘blacked out’.

This obviously doesn’t sit well with the new owners and the outfit that did the work is un helpful as to possible solutions.

Any ideas or suggestions (pressure washing, sand blasting, shot blasting) that could help me (new project manager) would be greatly appreciated.

Please see attached pics and thanks again for your time.

Striping laid out incorrectly. Bad Striping Layout


C. C.

B.  Co.

My response was that I have seen this many times through the years and had even made the mistake myself once or twice. The solution is a simple but sometimes costly one.  The parking lot striping contractor that made the layout error needs to sandblast off the old striping and re-seal the areas effected by the wrong design then, re stripe per correct layout. Now that is a costly repair for a small parking lot striping company to have to make but I personally feel that the property owner should get what he/she paid for. Also the striper should always remember to measure twice and cut once. In our shop we call this experience tuition.

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