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Parking Lot Striping Pricing and What you Should Know!

This will be a Four part guide to learning more about parking lot striping prices.   I hope to explain the range in which parking lot striping costs can vary. Also, I hope to illustrate the different types of billing methods that are used, the factors that can determine a parking lot striping cost and the short cuts that can be taken by a shady contractor  in order to provide a cheaper bid. Please read through it and if you have any comments or questions let me know and if its good, I will modify this blog to show it.

Recently, I have noticed that more and more people are turning to the Internet to find answers to every day questions. One of the questions I am seeing asked alot is :

“How much does it cost to get parking lot striping done?

This is a honest question that doesn’t have a easy answer, so I thought I would take a moment to explain how much striping should cost. Please keep in mind that this blog is purely based on our 18 years in the businesses and by no means should qualify as anything other than opinion backed up by experience. So, here we go.

Part One:

What all is Considered Striping?

First off, parking lot striping is like most trades, a multiple set of services that are branched under the title of “striping”. However, in its simplest form, parking lot striping is the painting of lines.

Other services commonly grouped under parking lot striping would include painting curbs, painting handicap stalls, painting stencils, sign work such as handicaps, stops etc, as well as wheel stops installed.

Many other striping professionals such as Trueline have branched into other fields in attempts to increase and diversify their work load. These other services might include things such as truncated domes, warehouse striping (a cousin to parking lot striping done on concrete surfaces such as a warehouse floor),  shot blasting, sandblasting, bollard installation and so on.

Stay Tuned for part 2 of parking lot striping pricing and what you need to know.