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Parking lot striping – Parking was never so much fun

When driving to an office or a shopping mall, if the parking lot is filled with cars all parked in an organized manner, it sure makes one smile and relaxes knowing they are bound to find parking space. If in case it was all haphazard, it would lead to complete chaos. The only way parking lots are kept in order is by doing a systematic parking lot striping job. If the correct amount of space is marked and lines are marked, the cars will all be able to neatly slide into the place. This will help in saving space and making maximum utilization of space available.

Parking lot striping is done by those who have taken the contract and are approved by the city council. The color they use is mostly yellow which has again been the one followed for years together. The striping is usually done at that time of the day when there is not much of traffic, which means they can mark plenty of roads instead of waiting for the rush hour to clear out. The same rules apply all over the country and so it is a uniformed mode of striping the parking lots outside malls, hospitals, offices and even on roads.