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Parking lot striping – more than a paint job

It is true that parking lot striping has a lot of influence on the way that we view a business or a company. After all, it is one of the first things that most visitors would see going into a business. As a driver, one of the most irritable feelings that you could experience is undoubtedly the parking experience. It is simply frustrating, and not to mention annoying, to go into a parking lot that has tight parks and little or no maneuvering room. A good parking experience on the other hand is parking in a parking lot that is effectively spaced and ideally optimized with as much maneuvering room as possible. And it is indeed a great first impression that you would get into any business place that you go into – whether you choose to make such associations or not.

Parking lot striping must therefore be a precise job, and not to be misconstrued as simply a painting job. Careful consideration must be given to the design of the parking lot to facilitate as many parking spaces as possible, but at the same time one must ensure that the parking spaces are practical and at least provide enough space for comfortable maneuvering.