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Parking Lot Striping Helping Cell Phone Drivers

Did you realize that how bright your parking lot striping is done directly affects those who are driving while talking on a cell phone? Talking on a cell while driving is not advisable under any circumstance, but you’ve always got those people who believe that they can safely talk on a cell. The majority of the time people are getting on, or off, their phone when they’re either exiting or entering a parking lot, making the parking lot striping very important if you want to help those people to avoid getting in an accident.

Parking lot striping that has been neglected for a long time will be worn down and will be hard for drivers to see. This makes it easier for someone who is driving with their cell phones or blue tooths on to get into an accident. If you have had your parking lot striping done recently and it is brighter, it is easier for the driver to stop focusing on their phone call and start focusing on parking properly. It calls the attention to their eyes, allowing them to change their focus where it needs to be instead of on the phone.