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Parking Lot Striping for the Handicapped

People who are handicapped often need to have special attention paid to them. They want to be able to drive around and shop just like anyone else, and it is the job of the store owner, or the parking garage manager, to make sure that they have plenty of access, as well as plenty of room. Parking lot striping is very specific when it comes to striping the lot for handicapped people, requiring that a specific amount of space is given and that it is placed as near to the entrance as possible.

A number of parking garages and parking lots have been fined because they do not have the parking lot properly set up for all sorts of handicapped people. When you are planning your parking lot striping, you have to think not only about the people who need crutches to get around, but also about those who need wheelchairs or other assistance in order to live their lives easily. The best way to make sure that your parking lot is set up to give handicapped people easy access is to hire a professional, who will know exactly how the lot should be set up to make things easily accessible to the handicapped.