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Parking Lot Striping for Smaller Cars

One of the good things that is coming out of the oil situation going on now is that many people are discovering that they can exist using a smaller vehicle than they currently have. They don’t like filling up their gas guzzlers, so they choose instead to buy smaller cars that are more fuel efficient. What does this mean for the parking lot owner? Not much. Unless, of course, you have a parking lot that is designed with the parking lot striping to fit much larger vehicles. Some older parking lots are created for only big vehicles, when there is plenty of room to fit more cars if you just get the striping redone in a different way.

Parking lot striping that has been done for larger cars can take up a lot of space, and if you have a parking lot that looks like this you may want to have the parking lot redone. A professional can reassess your parking lot and can show you where you can get more room squeaked out and where you should keep the path clear. They can help you put in truncated domes or warning mats and can make your parking lot look absolutely amazing.