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Parking lot striping – Drive in and slide into a free space.

When a person pulls into the parking lot, they expect to see clear markings on where they can place their vehicles so they can pull out easily as well. For this purpose parking lot striping is done by the road authorities. The color used is one that will remain bright for a long time and not get faded or erase with time or repeatedly being driven over. Once the paint job has been completed, the parking lot doesn’t really need much of maintenance except for the routine cleaning to ensure the surrounding areas are kept clean.

In most buildings we would find parking lot striping done with labels to denote who gets to park their car where. This is more visible in offices or hospitals where there are reserved parking lots for the employees. Also for handicapped people, there are specifically marked lots and similarly for bigger vehicles there are separate ones. This makes driving and parking the vehicle convenient. Also keeping in mind the safety factor, the person in charge of marking the lots will leave adequate space between two car parking spots. This will give enough room for the persons in the vehicle to get in and out.