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Parking Lot Striping: Costs and Sealcoating

Have you ever taken a can of spray paint and painted something on your driveway? Often young children and teens will take a can of spray paint and make interesting marks on the driveway. Some choose to make hopscotch patterns while others choose to brand the land as theirs. What is interesting is that the children are usually shocked when they discover that the spray paint eventually wears off.

Spray paint is not meant to last forever on most surfaces, but especially on tar. The tar tends to suck up the spray paint, making it disappear over time. When you are dealing with parking lot striping, you need to make sure that the paint lasts longer by sealcoating it. This is often where companies are surprised at the extra cost. They get the quote from their parking lot striper and are in shock when they get the bill that has sealcoating on it. When you’re dealing with a parking lot striping company, the cost for sealcoating should be added into the estimate. If it is not, make sure you ask about sealcoating and how much extra it costs. It can add valuable life to your striping job.