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Parking Lot Striping Cost and what you need to know! Part 2

Parking Lot Striping Cost and What you Need to Know!

Part 2

Different Types of Price Structuring.

Getting back to the basics of parking lot striping cost and pricing… the first question asked is how is parking lot striping billed?  Most companies I have come across over the years, carry a price list that uses the ala carte approach to billing.  Meaning that if you want 1 single white line painted than the price would be X.xx.   If you want 100 single white lines painted then the price would be XXX.xx, and so on, which is  similar to a McDonald’s menu. The reason for this was because, in the past many parking lot striping companies would mainly work for paving companies in a sub contractor relationship. This made it necessary for the striping companies to simplify their pricing list.  Now, the paving companies’ estimators could bid their projects without having to rely on the striping contractor to provide pricing so often.  A practical solution for the time.

However, some parking lot striping companies do still go by a linear foot price.  Meaning if you have 1 single white line and it is ( 20′ )  long, than your price is .XX per foot.  It is in my opinion that this method of parking lot striping pricing is obsolete because of standardized parking requirement and designs.  Most parking lot stalls fall under a basic design.  Furthermore, the ones that do not, such as truck stalls for big rigs should be measured and divided by the average stall price.  The same holds true for all other aspects of the parking lot striping filed.  Most items are standardized (I.E.) handicaps, arrows, stops and so on.

So assuming your contractors are using the a la cart pricing, the next thing you need to know is, what their minimum to do a job is.  A minimum job is basically the smallest amount of money a company will send a crew to your facility or business to get the job done.  Our company is located in Orange County, California so our minimum goes up  more with each hour we have to drive away from our office. The reason for this is simply based on three factors.  First, more gasoline is used and that adds up. The second reason is wear and tear on the vehicles.  Lastly, the employees get paid  for that drive time going to and from the job.  The average striping crew is about three men, so three men times the hours needed to get to and from the job.  The average employee hourly rate of pay is from 16.00 dollars all the way up to 25.00 dollars.

Stay Tuned for part 3 of parking lot striping cost and pricing and what you need to know.