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Parking lot striping – Clear indicators for you to follow.

Depending on the size of the parking lot and the number of vehicles expected, parking lot striping is carried out across the country. In some places, there is more focus on creating parking spaces for motorcycles than passenger cars. So, based on the estimates given by the owners of the building, the painting company will prepare the lot for striping. They might cordon off one area for motorcycle parking and the other for passenger vehicles, making it easy to manage the flow of traffic in the parking lot. This can be seen in stadiums centers where there is traffic during peak hours or when a game has been scheduled.

The motorcycle parking area will be much smaller and there might just be enough space park a good number or bikes. Since optimization of space is a major criterion, they will try to fit in as many vehicles as possible. If there is no parking space, people might leave and go elsewhere, which will greatly affect the business. So, the parking lot striping involves calculations for cars, bikes, and marking the lots based on the same for smooth flow of traffic.