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Parking Lot Striping: Buying Your Own Machine

Often parking lot managers and owners try to save money by purchasing their own parking lot striping machine. They believe that saving a few hundred dollars will be easy. The truth, however, is that parking lot striping may look easy, but it is not. You can not simply put paint in the machine and lay it down on the pavement. You need to be able to lay the grid out for the vehicles, have the correct spacing, and still have it look aesthetically pleasing.

It is always good to save money, but if you are saving money at the expense of your customers, it may not be the best thing you can do for your business. Companies run due to customers buying things, and bad parking can make people not want to go to your company or business, causing you to lose money. You can try to save money by buying your own striping machine, but before you choose to go that route, you may want to look at the large picture; of what would happen if your customers got due to bad parking. It is usually preferable to hire an experienced striper to do the job for you.