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Parking Lot Striping As a Gift

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift that you can give someone? If you know someone who owns a business, one gift that you can give them is parking lot striping! It may sound a bit out of the box, but those are the best types of presents! Here’s how you can do it – first, contact a parking lot striping company that has competitive prices and that has a good reputation. Then, have them give you a free quote so that you can see how much money you’re talking about before you hire them on the spot.

It’s best if you can do this part when the owner of the property, the gift recipient, isn’t there, as he/she being there would ruin the surprise. If the amount suggested by the parking lot striping company is agreeable to you, explain that you want to give it as a gift and set up an agreement with the striping company. You may not be able to set up the exact date, but you can get something written down that you can give to the property owner so that they will know what you’ve given them for Christmas.