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Parking Lot Striping: Appreciating Your Employees

Do you own a business that is run through the mechanizations of your employees? It can be easy to forget about vital your employees are to your business, especially if you have a medium to large sized business. When you’re going about your daily routine, it is very easy to take your employees for granted. The happier and more content your employees are, the more they will be willing to give their all to your business. You can prove to them how much you appreciate them, while instilling a healthy sense of competition, if you have your parking lot striping redone.

One way to prove to your employees how much you appreciate them is to have your parking lot striping redone in order to create an “employee of the month” space. This space should be created in the most coveted place on your lot, which, generally, is right near the entrance to the business. With new parking lot striping, a sign, and the promise that the employee of the month and only that employee gets to inhabit the space, you will discover that your employees will be excited to try to work hard in order to gain access to that spot.