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Parking Lot Striping and Black Friday

Let’s talk about Black Friday for a moment. If you’re a commercial business, Black Friday is likely your favorite time of year – and also your busiest. Black Friday can be worry some for any business, no matter how organized you are, simply because it is something that is so crazy and wonderful at the same time. You can’t predict how many people you’ll get, and you can’t predict how insane the traffic will be. It may be too late now to prepare for Black Friday by changing around your parking lot striping, but it’s never too late to get ready for next year.

How can parking lot striping help you to prepare for Black Friday? Easily. First of all, you may be misusing the room you’ve got in your parking lot right now. If you can fit in a dozen more cars safely, you will be making more room for people who are coming to shop for Black Friday. Next, take a look at your pedestrian traffic markings. Are there any? The more you’ve got marked down, and the easier it is to understand, the smoother the traffic, both pedestrian and automobile, will flow, making Black Friday a bit calmer.