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Parking Lot Striping and Back-In Parking

As difficult as it is to believe, there are still some businesses and parking garages that have their garage set up for back-in parking. While back-in parking is a good thing to know how to do, asking your customers to drive their car into the parking lot or parking garage and back-in is not necessarily something you want to do. Customers want an easy and fun experience, not one where they have to re-live their high school driver’s ed classes. If your parking lot is set up for back-in parking, it might be time to get it looked at.

The way your parking lot striping is set up has a lot to do with whether people will back-in or will drive straight in. If it is set up so that there is plenty of room for everyone, the customers will likely pull in and be able to easily get in and out of their vehicle. If the space is a bit more crowded, you may find people trying to back-in, which can cause a significant amount of problems in regards to accidents. If your parking lot striping has people confused and doing a lot of backing-in parking, it is time to get it professionally appraised.