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Parking Lot Striping and Accidents

Have you ever taken the time to grab one of those celebrity tabloids off of the side of a rack at the grocery store? Don’t be ashamed: all of us do it occasionally. These tabloids talk a lot about celebrities getting into car accidents, but it’s not just celebrities who do, it’s regular people. Many of them get into car accidents because they’re not able to see the parking lot striping by a store or because the striping is not done correctly, making it almost impossible to get into the slot that is your space. This is a huge problem especially in California, where space is often limited.

If you have a business in a busy area, you may want to make sure that your parking lot striping is not only done correctly but is up to date. Parking lot striping that has faded and is difficult to see is just as responsible for accidents as having no parking lot striping, so make sure you redo the striping at least twice a year or more. Also, make sure you hire a professional, as doing it yourself may cause more harm than good.