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Parking Lot Striping – A Quick guide to getting it done the right way

Are you thinking about getting some parking lot striping done in the near future? If so than you may want to read through this quick guide to getting you parking lot striped the right way. Skim through this article and apply some of these points and I guarantee you will be glad you did. This information comes from over 2 decades in the parking lot striping industry.

First and foremost:

  • Always get at least two prices.

There is no way of telling if you are getting taken to the cleaners unless you get at least two or more prices.  By doing this you do three things. First, you get to see the numbers both contractors are bidding and this allows you to ask lots of questions about how hey came up with their totals.  Second you get to see discrepancies. In one call we received about doing some handicap striping services a very frantic customer asked me to look at her bid to see if things looked correct.  Sure enough,  there where a few large items she did not need and after a few minutes we got the price lowered by almost a thousand dollars.

If you are contracting with a general contractor, paving company, maintenance company etc, you are paying typically 10 -25 % more than you should.  In most cases all these companies will do is take down your information then get on the phone and call a parking lot striping company. Yes,  a very small fraction of these contracts will have in-house striping employees but more often than not that isn’t the case. Also,  many times when they do have in house striping it is a service they don’t specialize in so your not getting the same level of professionalism you would from dealing with dedicated parking lot striping contractor.

  • Make sure your contractor has the know how

A lot of contractors will sell jobs and services they have no idea how to do. That’s not to say they will do it wrong. The truth of the matter is “you get what you pay for”  is the bottom line when it comes to the parking lot maintenance industry. There are always cheap and low cost companies that will get your job done. But often times it comes at a price. Here is an example. We where contacted by a warehouse logistics company to give them a quote to layout and paint 30,000 linear feet of 2 – part enamel painted line. We gave them a great price and they shopped it with a guy located out of state who was  very cheap.  Six months later we got the call from the same company asking us to come in and fix the job. It seems the contractor they hired for less wasn’t aware that the paint they where putting down required floor prep and most of the 30, 000 linear feet needed to be removed and re-sprayed. That’s a tough lesson to learn. Hiring the contractor that is qualified often comes at slightly higher price, but is a sound decision to your bottom line.

Call Trueline Striping today if you have any parking lot striping or warehouse striping jobs coming up. We will get you a fast bid, followed up by a guaranteed product and customer service that is unmatched in our industry. Why will even throw in a T-shirt and a cup of coffee!


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