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Parking lot painting when seen from the inside

Many people often take for granted the amount of work and thought that goes into the preparation of the parking lot that they use every day. But the truth is that painting a parking lot is often times not as simple as it looks.

A newly re-surfaced parking lot for instance would need to be cleaned thoroughly before it can be painted. Many people do not appreciate this fact, and figure that paint is all it takes to renovate a good parking lot. The parking lot must first be washed of all the extra debris that would have remained behind from the re-surfacing. It is important to clean these up because they would influence how the paint looks on the resurfaced ground. Also important is to seal the surface. This helps to preserve your parking lot for a bit longer so that you would have to do maintenance repairs less often.

Once the parking lot has been cleaned and sealed, you are ready to start the paint job. But before you are even allowed to start painting, you would be required to verify if your paint is up to the standards required by your city. Yes – even the paint used in parking lot painting is not a clear-cut issue.