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Parking lot painting – Watch the symbols and play along

What makes parking lot painting something far different from the basic “Striping” is that the latter is to indicate the area where you park your car from where I park my car. A basic line or divider. Painting though, are the signs that symbolize why exactly you have to park your car in those columns instead of near the entrance and other such instructions. It’s those signs that allocate the areas of the parking lot, for employees, handicapped people, etc.

For example, the use of parking lot paintings outside a grocery store, the parking nearest to the entrance and exit will be a space solely reserved for handicapped people. Parking just behind the store will most likely be allotted to employees. But, in case of a building where there are both offices and places of entertainment, the parking lots will be divided into parking space for office employees and for the others visiting the premises.

Some basic parking lot paintings include the Handicapped only, Strictly for Employees’ Only, Free Parking, Reserved Parking, Parking for people working in specific stores or offices only, Parking for Two wheeler’s, Parking for Four wheeler’s and sometimes give out instructions on where not to park.