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Parking lot painting – Watch the lettering and park

Most of the parking lots today have clear parking lot painting which is visible from quite a distance. So when a person is pulling into the spot, he or she will know if it is meant for them or to somebody else. This will help keep chaos at bay and avoid unnecessary confusion. The painting might be put in place for a physically handicapped person, which is why it is ideally near the entrance. And so, only people with the handicap placards should park their car. There is no point in a physically able person parking his vehicle there and arguing that he will leave within a couple of minutes.

Also, in hospitals, if we notice, there will be a specific parking lot painting displaying “Ambulances Only”, and this means others should not park there. Even if there is no ambulance in sight, it does not give the others permission to use the space. Such paintings have been put in place for people to be aware of them and to understand the purpose behind the same. If an ambulance were to rush into the hospital, then there would be a team of doctors waiting near that particular parking space to attend to the patient.