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Parking Lot Painting-Stripe to Perfection

It is very important for a parking lot painting company to be equipped with the latest machinery and skilled staff. The crew members should always be equipped with various stencils to draw markings such as handicap symbols, cross walks, curbs, stop bars, turn arrows, no parking and designated parking areas. Removing the parking lines also requires specialized skills and it is done by hydro blasting and sand blasting in special occasions. Generally mechanical scarifies are used for removing the lines.

Contractors use paints, which are certified by the government of the state. Some of the paints that are used are HOTLINE TM2326 and TM2327. These paints are fast drying waterbased paints made with advanced quality resins available in the market. The paints have low VOC’s, superior early washout resistance and consistent drying times even in humid weather. The products do not contain any lead and are environment friendly. The paints are applied through long-line striping trucks, which are equipped to apply waterborne traffic paints. It is advisable not to apply traffic paints when temperatures are below 50 F. Generally a very small quantity of water is used for thinning the paint. With all necessary steps taken, the contractor can do a very high quality job.