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Parking lot painting – Park only where meant for you

When we drive into a hotel or a movie theater, the first thing we do is looking for a parking space. And for this reason, there are parking lot paintings done to guide the drivers into the lot and onto the parking spaces. There will be spaces that are reserved for people who are employed with the place and others that are open to public. So, it is essential to have the signs clearly stating who it is meant for. This will also guide the drivers towards available parking spaces.

There will also be parking lot paintings, which display the number of the lot. In large shopping malls, where there are multiple parking lots, there are unique identifications for each of them. This needs to be remembered and will help you locate your car when you want to leave. It could be alphabets, numbers, names of fruits and vegetables or anything under the sun that is easy to register. There are rules that buildings need to follow before opening to public and having clear cut paintings in parking lots is one of them. If not for these signs,  people would be fighting with each other for parking space.