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Parking lot painting – Mark space for those who deserve.

While driving on the road, we come across many signs, which tell us what direction to follow or if the road is One way or No entry. These help us in driving and following the guidelines is one way of preventing accidents and maintaining smooth flow of traffic. Similarly, in building or shopping complex, if the parking lot paintings are done with care, it will give clear directions to the drivers as to where to go to park their vehicles. Sometimes, they might be marked with names of people who have reserved the parking space and other times, general instructions.

If outside a hospital, one sees the sign “Physically handicapped persons only”, then it means they are the only ones who can park there. It has been marked in such a way that they will be able to park their vehicle and easily access the entrance of the building. The others will have to park in the general parking lot. Such indications are meant for making life easy for people and also to bring about some form of system while visiting offices or hospitals. The same rule applies to complexes, which have parking lot paintings etched in bold letters.