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Parking lot painting – Adequate space and neat indications

Parking lots can make a great first impression to a first time visitor or the location. If the lot has adequate spaces to suit the needs of compact cars, SUVs, Vans, Truck and short term parking, and it is neatly painted then people are more likely to feel good about the safety of their car and themselves as they drive through the parking lot.

Parking lot paintings could also display signs such as “No Parking” or “delivery area” or “parking only for 10 minutes” which give you an idea as to where you can park your vehicle. In theaters, where there is  some who drive in only to buy tickets, there are parking spaces for couple of minutes and if they are there to watch a show, they need to park along with other movie goers. All the signs must clearly indicate the message and should be adhered to avoid confusion and chaos from breaking out.