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Parking Lot Maintenace The 1.. 2…3’s

Parking Lot Maintenance is a yearly responsibility that many property managers and owners face. Year after year, they have their asphalt repair done such as their potholes filled, parking lots sealed, and their lines repainted because they know its important to keep their image of their parking lots up to par. However, parking lot maintenance requires much more then that. One key reason to keep your parking lot maintenance up to date annually is to increase the life span of your asphalt. After all, asphalt is one of the biggest investments a property owner faces over the years. When asphalt is first placed, it contains a lot of oil and this helps the asphalt to stay flexible. You should definitely get new asphalt seal-coated within six months of installation. This helps with the oils not being allowed to dry out to quick which can cause the asphalt to become brittle and crack. When seal coating asphalt, you should always try to apply 2 coats of seal coat on your parking lot  and do this process every two years. This maintenance can greatly increase the lifespan of your asphalt to up to 30 years depending on your local weather and driving conditions. At a bear minimum, we recommend 1 coat of seal once a year preferably done in the summer when the weather is above 75 degrees. If this basic asphalt maintenance schedule is adhered to, your problems with your parking lot repairs will be greatly reduced. If your parking lot maintenance is fallen behind over the years and your parking lot has gotten to a point where you need more then just annual maintenance, we recommend that you remove and replace the old asphalt with new asphalt. This can be expensive, so you may want to consider dividing your parking lot in to sections and repairing the sections one at a time starting from one side of your lot working towards the opposite side. This will allow you to tackle the project as your budget allows and will help the contractor to maintain a certain level of structural integrity. If you try to repair the parking lot from different sides, you can end up with high areas in your parking lot, and poor water drainage problems. An experienced asphalt contractor can and should be able to maintain proper elevations from where ever they start.  If done incorrectly, this can create draining issue for your parking lot down the road.  So if you are starting to look at your parking lot maintenance budget for the next few years, try to keep enough in it to at least get the basic asphalt repair such as seal and stripe. Then if you have funds left over from there, consider doing some pothole repairs or even driveway repairs. Remember that Asphalt Maintenance is the key to longevity of your asphalt parking lot.

PArking Lot Maintenance project in Los Angeles California.