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Parking concerns

Parking lot striping is a specialized job, requiring good machines and quality paints. Graco machines are the most popular in the industry and are known to do a great job. These machines are used for doing new layout, stripe removal, marking handicap spaces and lane dividers. It is also used for curb painting, stencils, surface sealing and speed breakers. The Graco machines are very effective, accurate and can get the job done in time. It uses 3,500 psi @ 5.6 gpm hot water washers. Moreover, it can carry 525 gallons of water, which is useful, if no water is available at the site.

Parking lot striping is an added feature for department stores, multiplexes and offices. It provides great convenience and ease to parking solutions. It acts as the first impression to potential clients who are coming to your office to consider your products and services. Parking lot striping is not only about marking the parking lot, but also to re-stripe, seal coating, signage and interior and exterior Painting.

Parking lot striping is used both for commercial, government and individual purpose. The handicap parking is usually approved by the ADA (American Disabilities Act). But, other markings are also done with proper layout and design, in order to optimize the utilization of the parking space.

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