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Painted Wheel Stops?

So you know that wheel stops exist in order to keep your vehicle from crashing into someone else’s, especially when it is parked, but what is the purpose of painting wheel stops? After all, why would you need to paint a large object that is made of concrete or wood?

Painting wheel stops isn’t just meant to make things look pretty, it actually helps people to see them. If you are in a parking garage, you may have a difficult time seeing the wheel stops because they could be low to the ground. Having them painted a bright yellow or orange is a good way to indicate where they are, helping the drivers to be able to see them so that they know where to park and when to stop driving. After all, there’s nothing worse than driving your car right into a wheel stop; it can severely damage your car! Some people choose not to paint their wheel stops, but many find that it makes things more attractive, and more organized, for the drivers. If you are interested in painting your wheel stops, make sure you get a company who knows not only how to paint them, but how to paint them correctly.